Satisfy Your Lending Requirements With Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

If you’ve spoken with a few mortgage brokers looking for the most appropriate finance available or you’re simply just doing your research beforehand, you’ve likely come across their requirement for you to obtain title insurance in Toledo, OH. While they may not have told you why, AREA Title Agency, Inc. has some information to help.

What’s in a Title Search?

This is the first and primary aspect of title insurance in Toledo, OH that your lender will be looking at. Included in the process is what is called a title search. This involves a professional and thorough investigation into any and all previous transfers of a title. This search uncovers fraudulent transfers and any discrepancies that could affect the ownership of your property and in turn, your ability to repay your mortgage. These discrepancies range in seriousness from a forged signature to a tax debt where the home’s title has been placed as security against a previous owner’s debt.

Why They Require Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

The purpose of a lender requiring the actual product of title insurance is to obtain their own level of security. In the unlikely event that a hidden or undisclosed issue with a previous transfer is raised and the ownership of your property is revoked, a comprehensive title insurance policy provides financial protection to your lender, removing their risk of losing their investment in your mortgage.

Fulfil Your Mortgage Application Requirements With Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

If you’ve found a house and chosen a mortgage lender, satisfy their application needs by contacting AREA Title Agency, Inc. at (419) 242-5485. Able to provide a professional title search and title insurance in Toledo, OH, AREA Title Agency, Inc. can provide your lender with the documentation they need to continue your mortgage application.

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