Honesty. Integrity. Experience. Reputation. Transparency. Flexibility.

Those are the qualities you need in the title agency you choose. Our name “A.R.E.A.” stands for American Real Estate Assurance. That’s what we do – assure that your real estate transaction is sound, protected, and free of any unresolved legal issues.

Since our inception in 1991, AREA Title Agency has coordinated more than 60,000 real estate transactions in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. From the most modest starter home up to the sale of Downtown Toledo’s largest office building, buyers and sellers have counted on AREA Title Agency for flawless title examinations, fair rates, and prompt service.

We’re completely independent. And since we have no affiliation with any lender or real estate brokerage, you can rest assured that your interests are well-protected.

We’re well-known for being accommodating. Ask around. We can perform closings in one of our offices, your office, your home – wherever and whenever it’s convenient for all parties involved.