Business Use Property Transactions Require a Special Set of Skills, Resources and Experience.

At AREA Title Agency, we have all three.

Our Skills: Our staff of attorneys have combined over a century of experience in real estate law. They’ve dedicated their entire professional careers to the craft.

Our Resources: AREA Title Agency is a member of one of only two title plants in the Toledo area. A title plant is a repository of each and every actual document from every real estate transaction dating back more than a century. It is critical in a business property transaction to be able to review these documents to ensure clear ownership exists.

Our Experience: AREA Title Agency has been trusted to perform the title work on, and provide title insurance for many of Toledo’s greatest landmarks:

  • One Seagate
  • Three Seagate
  • Four Seagate
  • The University of Toledo Medical Center (then the Medical College of Ohio)
  • The Toledo Correctional Facility
  • The Ohio Building
  • The Ironhead Shipbuilding Facility

From our inception in 1991, AREA Title has always specialized in complex commercial transactions (two of our original partners were commercial real-estate developers). Our continuous relationships with First American Title and Stewart Title have been both a source of referrals and technical support when necessary.

With two of the world’s largest title underwriters squarely behind AREA Title, you can rest completely assured that AREA Title Agency will provide you the most accurate and complete title & escrow services for all of your real estate transactions.