How to Stage Your Own Home

In a buyers market, sellers need to do all they can to help their home stand up. For many, this includes staging it to improve its appeal. If you are interested in staging your home for buyer inspection, below are some starting tips from AREA Title Agency which can help.


If there are areas in or around your home which are designed for entertaining, then be sure to set these up as if you were expecting guests to arrive. The reason why this is so important is to help your potential buyers visualize the possibilities your property has. When staging your entertaining areas, consider these points:

  • Steer away from seasonal decorations and consider a general dinner party or brunch theme.Stage Your Home
  • Set up the space for as many people as it can accommodate, to show buyers just how many of their guests can comfortably fit.
  • Don’t be afraid to use hire and use standing lamps to minimize any shadows which can minimize the perception of a space.
  • Keep a reign on your design and don’t overdo it.


When you are staging a bedroom, it’s best to keep it gender neutral. This means that the room shouldn’t have a ‘his and her’ theme, and should instead provide a blank canvas. You have no idea the dynamic of your buyers, and this is a good way to appeal to all buyers. Consider these tips:

  • If you have matching bedside tables, be sure the decorations match, such as a table lamp or clock.
  • Use the same color for the towels and bathroom furnishings you hire or utilize.
  • When choosing flowers, prefer bright gerberas or sunflowers over more romantic roses or similar.
  • Keep your decorations to a minimum.
  • If possible, empty out your closet space so that you can show off the storage potential.

Buyers Need Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

In addition to the above, when staging your own home, always remember that you aren’t designing it for yourself or even for a buyer, and are instead designing it to show off its best assets. Of course, once your buyers are ready to make an offer they will need to complete their due diligence, such as obtaining title insurance in Toledo, OH which requires a clean title. Speak with AREA Title Agency today at (419) 242-5485 to arrange a thorough title search and make sure that your title is clear from issues and ready for you to start accepting offers.