–by Sylvania Advantage Staff

The Area Title staff Tina Reynolds, Don Weiher, Ken White, Chris Repass, Mike Repass, Paula Vorisek, Frank Nedom, Stacie Rains and Lisa Keel.

AREA Title Agency president and founder Mike Repass has leased the 3,000 square-foot office suite at 3234 Executive Pkwy. and completed the move to the new location on April 1.

“Executive Parkway is the hub of real estate activity in West Toledo, and nearly every major financial institution has a presence in the surrounding Westgate area. Each of our customers can now drive from his or her realtor’s office and bank to our offices in the span of two or three minutes. Our new location is incredibly convenient,” Repass stated.

“In addition, this space was designed for a title company. While I was very happy with our former location and have had a great relationship with our previous landlord, we were outgrowing that space and really needed a larger location. Christopher Repass and Don Weiher recently joined our team and we simply didn’t have room for another person or another desk at the Monroe Street office. Any time you’re blessed with a significant increase in business, that has to be matched with a significant increase in the size of the team to handle that business. When this location became available, we pounced. It’s perfect,” he said.

Repass founded AREA (American Real Estate Assurance) Title in 1991, specializing in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. AREA Title also has offices in the Bell Building at Erie St. and Madison Ave. in downtown Toledo.