First impressions are very important, especially in the housing market, where potential buyers will remember every small detail while they are visiting a potential property. For this reason at AREA Title Agency in Toledo, OH we would like to share useful advice on removing lingering home odors.

How to Get Rid of Bad Odors


You should focus on this area due to its uses. Remember to wash walls, ceilings countertops and cabinets to remove the light film of grease attached to these areas. Also, simmer cinnamon and citrus peels after cooking to absorb any odors and remember taking your garbage out every day.


Lingering moisture in your bathroom accounts for musty smells in this area. Remember to open doors and windows and use an exhaust fan to ventilate the area. Also, use bleach to wash tiles, sink, toilet and bathtub to remove any mold spores.

Living Room

Regular dusting and cleaning are enough to keep the living areas odor free. If you have carpeting, consider sprinkling baking soda on this amenity and open doors and windows to allow fresh air into this area. Remember that foul smells can make buyers think there’s something wrong with your home, so don’t forget about these simple but important detail. Also, you are required by law to provide the buyer with certain information about your property, so be sure to read our guide on Ohio’s disclosure laws.

Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

At AREA Title Agency we understand the importance of your transaction and our experts will be glad to advise you and follow your case closely. Consider us next time you are looking for title insurance in Toledo, OH. If you wish to learn more about our services, please call (419) 787-5299.

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