Final Inspection Checklist

A previous post explained the benefits of a final inspection and how to plan for yours. This post from AREA Title Agency has even further information about this important day, with particular items to pay attention during your final inspection.

Can You Smell That?

There are many smells throughout a home. Some will pass by your nose without any concern, while others seem a little, shall we say, out of place. When touring the property, both inside and out, stay alert for any peculiar scents, such as:

  • Areas of the home which smell like fresh paint
  • The smell of mold
  • Any incense or synthetic fragrances used in a certain room of the home
  • Smells which pass through the home from outside
  • Any smells coming from the yards

If you notice any of the above, be sure to speak with your on-site property inspector. While there is a good chance that there will be nothing wrong, there is a chance that you will have uncovered something.

Any Yards

If you are buying a property with a rather large yard then it can be tempting to stand at the back door and simply look out over the lawn, visually inspecting it at a distance. And while this will help you to catch any obvious problems, it won’t show you any issues with irrigation. For this reason, be sure to put on some protective shoes or boots and make your way around your yard, inspecting for any irrigation or tree-root problems which can cause expensive repairs in the future.


While it’s true that the majority of scary creatures in horror movies live in either the basement or the attic, this isn’t a good enough reason not to inspect both of these spaces during your final inspection. If it means taking your friend and a bright flashlight with you, then so be it! Whatever you need to do to thoroughly inspect both your attic and your basement, be sure to do it. The reason why these two spaces are so important is that they both have the potential to cause serious problems, such as leaks.

Protect Your Investment with Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

Once you are confident in the condition of the property, be sure to arrange a thorough title search and title insurance in Toledo, OH. Available only prior to settlement, title insurance in Toledo, OH provides you financial peace of mind over the ownership of your title. Speak with Area Title Agency today at (419) 242-5485 to find out more about how title insurance in Toledo, OH can protect your new home.