Tips for Showing Your Home at Night

When it comes to showing a home to potential buyers, not all sellers are able to arrange daytime inspections. If this sounds like you, below are some helpful tips from Stewart, AREA Title Agency, Inc to help show your home during an evening or nighttime inspection.

Start with Your LawnShowing your house at Night

Just as it is during the day, how your lawn looks is important to enticing buyers. Start by using small spotlights aimed upwards at the base of any large trees in your yard. If you have flower beds or even large shrubs, use smaller solar-powered spotlights to discreetly light these areas. If your lawn includes any paths through it or even down the side between the driveway, you can also use the solar-powered spots or even outdoor rope lighting to keep these areas well lit, looking their best, and safe for visitors to walk down.

Maximize Your Space

When the sun is out and flooding your rooms with light, the spaces look as big as they really are. However, when you only have your ceiling light to rely on then there are shadows brewing cast around your room. Sure, these don’t bother you when you live in the property, but they will make the space and rooms appear smaller than they are, ultimately turning off buyers who are nervous that they aren’t getting what they pay for. Standing lamps places strategically around your home is a great way to combat this problem and remove the shadows, essentially making your rooms appear at their normal size.

Title Insurance Is a Necessity

Savvy buyers will want to protect their property investment with title insurance. To find out more about the benefits of title insurance or to speak with a professional about starting the process in anticipation of buyers request, speak with AREA Title Agency, Inc today at (419) 242-5485.