How to Show Your Home in Its Best Light

When the market was flooded with buyers, a homeowner could choose whenever they wanted to open their property for viewing and be guaranteed that people would show up. However, in today’s real estate market, things are a little different. To entice buyers, more and more homeowners are opting for night viewings. If you are interested in a night viewing and are looking for tips on how to stage your property, AREA Title Agency, Inc. can help.

Light the Front of Your Home

The front of your home is the first impression that buyers will have, and at night, can often look gloomy. Instead of just turning on the porch lights, install small solar powered lights throughout your front yard. If you have a garden, light up any bright flowers you have. Additionally, use small LED lighting to place around any porch railings you have to make your home look more inviting.

Light the Inside of Your Home

Correct lighting inside your home can create great individual characters for each room, instead of the entire house being drenched in natural light. In the entrance ways, ensure the light is bright enough that people can see, but not overwhelming. Loungerooms should be softly lit with warm lamp shades to give the feeling of a sanctuary. The kitchen is where the most light should be to emphasize space and cleanliness. When it comes to bedrooms, soft lighting for the master bedroom while bright and colorful lampshades work well for kids’ rooms.

Light the Backyard

Whether you have a small or a large backyard, make sure that buyers can see it. All of it! Small floodlights can work wonders in this regards as this space doesn’t need to look enchanting, it just needs to be seen for the potential it can provide. If you have a back shed, open the doors and be sure the inside light is turned on with a fresh globe. Additionally, if there are any stairs leading to your back yard, be sure they are well lit for safety.

Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

Whether it’s a night or day time viewing, serious buyers will want to purchase title insurance in Toledo, OH to secure their mortgage. Have your buyers speak with the experts in providing title insurance in Toledo, OH by calling AREA Title Agency, Inc. at (419) 242-5485.