Protect Your Carpet from Open-House Damages

When it comes time for an open house you don’t always get to choose the weather conditions. Sure, you can do your best to choose a day where the prediction looks good, but there are no guarantees. If you are expecting potential rain during your open house, below are some tips from Area Title Agency to help you protect your home and carpet from damage.

Shoes Off

The best way to stop water, mud, and other storm-related debris from making its way into your home on your guest’s shoes are by asking them to leave their shoes at the front door. If you have space, consider a secure and clean shoe cabinet which you can place outside your home to encourage guests to use it before entering your home.


If you don’t want to ask your potential-buyers to take their shoes off then mate is going to be your next best option. Start with a heavy-duty mat placed outside your front door which is strong enough to encourage your guests to stomp their feet confidently and dislodge debris Once your guests enter your home, place another, more comfortable, mat at your front door to collect any remaining water or dirt and also to provide your guests with a more comfortable entrance.

Coat Rack

If it is raining then your each of your buyers will be entering your home with a coat which is likely to be soaked in water.  Instead of they carrying it around your home during their inspection where it can leak water and cause mold growth in your carpet, provide a sturdy coat rack or cabinet where your buyers can leave their coats. When choosing this option, be sure to use a plastic mat or carpet protector underneath to catch any dripping water.

Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

When it comes time to accept offers, savvy buyers will want to take out a policy for title insurance in Toledo, OHSpeak with Area Title Agency at (419) 242-5485 about how they can provide this service for your buyers, potentially helping to speed up the sale of your home.