Don’t Let a Forged Signature From 20 Years Ago Affect Your Home Ownership

With so many signatures required and fees to pay, the entire home buying process can become a mess, leaving important checks and measures to go uncompleted.  When this happens, something as small as a forged signature on a transfer document 20 years ago has the potential to disrupt your home ownership. Knowing just how important a clean title is, Area Title Agency has some information to share.

How Does It Happen?

Forged signatures often occur where the property concerned forms part of inheritance, whether this is future inheritance or currently due. In these cases, a sibling may forge another sibling’s signature to transfer ownership of the property away, without their knowledge. Other examples can include divorce proceedings where one party transfers ownership without consent.

If It Happened That Long Ago, Can It Really Impact Me?

In one word; Yes! When all parties find out about the transfer, legal proceedings can be lodged against the title of the home. That is the title with your name clear and present on it. Should the claimant be successful in their claim, the ownership of your property can be transferred away, or your property can be sold with any profits being divided accordingly.

How Can I Protect Myself?

The first step to knowing whether or not the title is clear from infractions is to investigate its transfer history thoroughly. Through public records and investigative techniques, you can identify any potential issues which may arise. Of course, this is not an easy task for a regular home-buyer. As such, consider the services of a qualified title agency to undertake the task for you.

Protect Your Title With Title Insurance in Toledo, OH

In addition to investigating, a reputable provider such as Area Title Agency can provide a policy for title insurance in Toledo, OH, offering financial protection in the event a claim is raised against your home. Speak with Area Title Agency at (419) 242-5485 and ask about how title insurance in Toledo, OH can protect you.